Words by Reuben Rose


It was the start of a wonderful journey when Craig arrived at Boloco in 2002 to sort out our sheep. With commitment to the principle of better commercial returns, Craig has significantly impacted the Boloco flock of around 3000 breeding ewes. With our background of South Australian type of sheep, Craig has kept the large frames and high wool cutting while decreasing the average micron from 23 to 18.


At Boloco we have bred our own rams for around 40 years. Craig has done a remarkable job in driving ram selection to produce elite rams for our flock and he has done this by judicious use of an AI program with semen from the best performing sires nationally.


Craig is a young man with a deep commitment to the sheep industry and an unwavering faith in its future. We count ourselves truly blessed at “Boloco” in having him as our sheep classer.


Reuben Rose DVSc PhD DipVetAn, FRCVS;

Emeritus Professor, The University of Sydney;

Principal, Boloco Partnership, Boloco Dalgety NSW